The center for Heart disease is one of the centers of Excellence of this hospital, also one of the best services in the country. The staff of the cardiologists offers a qualified service, with high quality and professionalism, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, covering a wide spectrum of cardiovascular problems, from acute to chronic ones, from diagnosis, to treatment and follow-up, also laboratoric exams.This service is supplied with the latest technology and equipment, and together with the experienced staff of specialists covers all the spectrum of cardiovascular disease, they diagnose and treat following the latest protocols, making this service a center of reference for the cardiac patient, not only in our country but also in the region. In this department offer their assistance 6 Invasive cardiologist, 10 cardiologists, one of which is a pediatrician specialist in cardiology and one cardiologist specialist of arythmology, also a staff of 13 nurses specialized and trained to assist in a qualified and with high quality service the cardiac patients. The staff of doctors of this department, in order to offer the best management for these patients, collaborates closely with many other specialists and departments like, ICU specialists, radiologists, nuclear specialists, vascular surgeons, emergency specialist also the central laboratory of the hospital, because covering every cardiac pathology that comes in the hospital and solving it in the best medical way is the main reason of this department. To help the cardiac patients that need to undergo invasive cardiac procedures, we have also a ward of 16 beds, with a median number of approximately 885 patients treated throughout a year, offering the best standards of service and optimal conditions of hospitalization and medical assistance.To diagnose cardiac pathologies, in this Department are performed all the procedures, from non invasive to invasive ones, to have a better diagnosing process and afterwards to give the most efficacious treatment and medical solution to the patient.

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