The clinic of fertility is the first and the only Clinic of fertility in the country to have the Certificate “Quality in Reproductive Health” for the Quality of Service from TEMOS, the International Organization. The team of international evaluators gave the TEMOS certificate to the Clinic of Fertility Hygeia with the highest grade “A”, for the medical and nonmedical services, also for the ethics of the service offered in this Clinic. The clinic of fertility Hygeia and the staff are devoted to offer professional care and treatment, of the highest level, also emotional support for all the couples, the women and the men, who are in search of their biggest dream, being a parent. The staff of very experienced medical professionals(Greek and Albanian), in close collaboration with the nurses and secretaries offer for the couple a complete service, starting from the discovering of the causes of infertility, of female or male origin, and then for every couple a personalized medical treatment, specific and appropriate to reach the optimal results. The programs of treatment in our Clinic are supported by contemporaneous technologies and devices of the latest word for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), also by an Embryology laboratory, with advanced and modern devices. For every treatment applied, eg, IUI, IVF, etc, we offer the couples a complete information regarding the procedure, what are the chances for pregnancy and an answer to every question regarding the treatment, exams, medication and everything else they need to know before undergoing the procedures. Before and during the treatment we take care that all the couples know in advance the procedures, know the time when they will undergo the treatment, also we make the plan of treatment in order to include the time they need to take the decision, a process that is always assisted from our specialized staff. From the first moment we started up to today, the Clinic of Fertility Hygeia has had a lot of success, helping a lot of couples in making real their dream of becoming parents, and today we can say that we are the clinic that has the highest percentage of success in the country, 65%.

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