Kidney transplants

For a person diagnosed with Terminal Kidney Disease there are several possible treatments like Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis and Transplant. Kidney transplantation is the treatment of choice for most people suffering from this disease. In general, kidney transplantation results in more than doubling life expectancy compared to dialysis. What is the advantage of Kidney Transplant compared to the other treatment option "many years of dialysis"? Dialysis is a life-saving treatment of the patient suffering from terminal kidney disease, but it can perform only 10-15% of the work of a normal kidney, while a transplanted kidney can perform 50-85% of the work of two normal kidneys. In addition, people undergoing a kidney transplant do not need prolonged hours of dialysis treatment. For the removal of the donor kidney, our doctors apply one of the most advanced techniques for the time which is NEFRECTOMY THROUGH RETROPERITONEOSCOPY, a technique which allows the donor to return home within 2-3 days after the intervention. As for the day of hospitalization of the patient receiving the kidney, it depends on the time it will take for his / her new kidney to start working as well as his / her condition after the operation. However, experience shows that most patients who undergo transplant intervention stay hospitalized (hospitalized) for approximately 7-14 days. We have our Kidney Transplant Unit equipped with the most modern equipment and the most modern surgical rooms and where a team of specialist doctors with extensive experience in the field of Transplant, provide qualified and professional service, team Which is run by the Transplant Surgeon Dr. Baris Emin Akin, with many years of experience in this field in the US and Turkey. In this Unit, a well-defined program is applied for all patients and built in accordance with modern protocols, and patients are also offered a long-term program of their follow-up after the transplant intervention. All these components make it possible for the Kidney Transplant procedures to be successful and with a very good performance. A successful kidney transplant improves the quality of life and reduces the risk of death from kidney disease.

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